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Villilä Studios

For your movie

Villilä is a movie and TV production facility located in Nakkila, Satakunta, Finland and Villilä Studios is its driving force, a multifaceted company specialised in movie production services.

Our services include the essential resources for tv and movie production: a studio, locations, production personnel, production spaces and partial funding.

Villilä Studios is located amidst the Villilä estate milieu, where you can also find accomodation and catering services. We function primarily as a movie production facility, but also provide great opportunities for creating various tv productions, such as reality shows.

Villilä productions


Villilä Studios offers you all-round service. We take into consideration the individual needs and demands of every production. 

We want to participate in the smooth, efficient and economical bringing your production to completion. And we aim to do this in a positive atmosphere whether in Satakunta, Finland or elsewhere.

Partial funding

Villilä Studios has developed models of sponsorship, which enable partial funding for productions taking place in Satakunta. Sponsorship is always on individual basis, specific to a production. The purpose of partial funding is to compensate for additional expenses arising from moving the production to the area.

When you combine the contribution of Villilä Studios personnel for the duration of the production, you are talking about a major financial advantage. At the same time, the workload of your own production team is eased and their pressure is decreased.


Satakunta is a diverse county. Here you can find the sea, the desert, fields, lakes and rivers, as well as city environments, village roads and traditional wooden housing. We know the area and will help you find just the right locations.

Production environment

The primary factors in everything we do are customer orientation, practicality and flexibility.

Villilä Studios is a company which doesn’t pursue massive profits, but rather acts out of love for the cinema. We welcome both small-scale and major productions.


Right next to the studios there is Villa Emma, with accommodation for 25 people total in 16 separate rooms. On the ground floor there are common spaces, a kitchenette and sauna. There is also wireless internet in the building.

Studio yard

Our studio yard enables extensive yet economical set building. Surrounded on three sides by buildings, the yard covers 60 by 80 meters. In previous productions there has been a whole early 20th-century city center, a large prison camp and an old-time sawmill.

Building and storage spaces

Another facility next to the studios is a staples from the 30ies. More recently, it has functioned as a sets-and-props storage. There is about 400 square meters of interior space, which can also be modified and utilized for film-shooting purposes.

The main building of the Villilä estate has also had the honor to function as the backdrop for many a film. The U-shaped empire-style main building was built in 1852. The building has two stories with 17 rooms.

Studio spaces

The working spaces in Villilä studio building can be utilized as a base of operation even when shooting takes place at outside locations.

  • Combined floor space 860 m²
  • Free height of 4,8 m for 600 m²
  • Under truss, free height of 4 m for 260 m²
  • Curtains 27 m (black, white and ultimatte-green)
  • Sound proofed and air conditioned to sound stage standards
  • Direct drive-in entrance into studio, ramp capacity 20 tons, doorway measurements 3,5 x 4,15 m.
  • Electrical feed 2 x 250 A + 4 x 125 A
Studio floor plan

Main studio floor plan as a print-ready PDF.

Additional facilities
  • Production office 35 m², with furniture, internet connections and WLAN
  • Wardrobe 43 m²
  • 3 dressing rooms, 4,5 m² each
  • Make-up 25 m², 2 showers
  • Break room 60 m²
  • An auditorium for 25 people, videoprojector, dolby surround, 3,55 x 2 m screen

Post-production spaces

  • 3 editing bays
  • 1 A/V bay
  • dubbing studio

Villiläntie 1
29250 Nakkila

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Susa-Serina Hakamäki
Production Coordinator
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